i've been thinking about video games lately.
or, to be more specific, what isn't in them.
reminiscing on the time i've spent, searching for the triforce in ocarina of time.
or trying to catch mew,
or trying to revive aeris.
it's strange, really.
how the most fun i've had with some of these games
was in chasing down rumors
and searching for content that was never there to begin with.
i miss it.
and i wish that i would have enjoyed it even more while i could have.
because that's all over now.
now, for everything that isn't already there
you can just datamine
and learn about all sorts of stuff
that may or may not have been meant to be found
it just isn't the same experience
the fun isn't in the payoff
it's in the hunt
it's in the rumors
it's in the days spent searching
trying all you can
to find what you want
if i were to find the triforce
or revive aeris
i would consider the game 'done'
and not have much more to do in it
the fun is in the search
to do crazy things you wouldn't think to do otherwise
let's be honest
who actually fought the elite four 100 times?
other than the kids
who were desperately searching for mew
it's inconvenient
that's the point
searching for luigi
and bigfoot
or ermac
the fun is about going deep into the games
and doing all you can
on a hot summer night
with nothing but a rumor on your mind
trying to fight enough stalchildren before the sun comes up
convincing yourself you only failed because you weren't fast enough
staying up all night
and just having a blast
because nothing in the world mattered
besides finding the light temple
and getting the triforce